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Golf.....Basically it's my favourite 4 letter word. 

I've played the game for about 20 years and in that time I've made lifelong friends, won a couple of trophies and spent many a happy hour chatting about just how rubbish we've all been over a beer in the clubhouse afterwards . All because we chase a little white ball around a bit of grass

Image wise....Well speaking honestly, the games been pretty shocking at promoting the game as a game for all. Frankly it was all a bit male dominated, as non diverse as you could imagine and effectively a bit of a closed shop

And then......Just as membership numbers were starting to get golf clubs a bit worried, we got a lifeline in the most bizarre way. Lockdown. 

Whether it was the fact that we had to spend most of 2020 facing the 4 walls of our homes or maybe we were just desperate for a bit of 1 on 1 time with nature but golf got popular.  Really popular. 

Clubs have started to see increased numbers of new people taking up the game.  Memberships  are now so full there's a waiting list at most courses....And slowly, really slowly the games begun to learn it's lessons from the past. More females and people from diverse backgrounds are picking up a club for the first time

Something else we've noticed post lockdown.  The game has become something of a big benefit to mental health.  Oh trust me I'll drive you absolutely nuts when you miss a 2 foot putt BUT......Maybe it's being outdoors and close to nature, maybe it's the great excercise that golf offers ( walking around a course for 4 hours & carrying your own clubs will burn off 1,500 calories) or maybe it's the chance to just hang out with your mates but since lockdown golfers have been given a lovely opportunity to get out and about when other sports have been really affected by social distancing...And in truth it's been wonderful for our mental health 

Look, I'll warn you now golf is the most frustratingly difficult sport I've ever played.  There are times when I've thought alligator wrestling might be easier but if you're looking for a game that really is a sport for life then golf is for you.

We're lucky in our neck of the woods ( no relation to Tiger) that we've a great bunch of course and driving ranges where you can give it a go

I really hope you do

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