Domiciliary Care Assistant required at Diamond Life Healthcare

Position:         Domiciliary Care Assistant
Responsible to:    Registered Manager

Purpose of Position

To share with other staff in meeting the personal care needs of clients in a way that respects the dignity of the individual and promotes independence. Care provided by care assistants is expected to include care that would reasonably be given by members of the client’s own family and will not include tasks that would normally be undertaken by a trained nurse.  Only when trained to do so would care workers undertake any specialist tasks.

Principal Responsibilities

1.    To assist clients with all personal care needs including, undressing, washing, bathing and toileting needs.
2.    To assist clients with mobility problems and other physical disabilities, including incontinence and help in use and care of aids and personal equipment.
3.    To support and care for clients who are dying.
4.    To engage in the promotion of mental and physical wellbeing of clients through talking to them, taking them out, sharing with them in activities such as reading, writing, hobbies and recreations.
5.    To make and change beds and all domestic tasks within the household.
6.    Where required, to assist with client’s laundry, including using a laundrette where necessary.
7.    To read and write reports and take part in staff and clients’ meetings and in training activities as directed.
8.    To perform such other duties as may reasonably be required.
9.    To comply with the organisation’s policies and procedures at all times, which includes the clients care plan and medication needs.
10.    To report to the registered manager any significant changes in the health or circumstances of a client.
11.    To encourage clients to remain as independent as possible.
12.    All staff are required to attend mandatory training where appropriate; this includes induction and National Vocational Qualifications or their equivalent.
13.    To enable and assist clients to maintain on a day to day basis as much autonomy and independence as possible.
14.    To support and assist clients in identifying risks and recording the support plan which minimizes and manages the identified risk
15.    To agree and record with the client their needs wishes and preferences and how these will be met.
16.    Identify and support appropriately clients with capacity and those who lack capacity.
17.    Record appropriately all decisions which relate to clients who lack capacity.
18.    Involve and consult with clients, their families, representatives or advocates to ensure that the client’s views are expressed and acted upon.
19.    Attend reviews of care as appropriate.
20.    Update and continually improve practice by a mutually agreed method which may include attendance at staff meetings, and one-to-one supervision.
21.    Take responsibility in conjunction with manager/supervisor for identifying further learning.
22.    Be aware of requirements regarding codes of practice and relevant codes of conduct where appropriate issued by professional bodies.
23.    Understand the requirement of the New Fundamental Standard Regulations 9 – 20, in relation to the Care Quality Commission Inspect regime and its importance to your workplace practice.
24.    Promote good practice and be vigilant in recognising and reporting practice which does not meet the defined standard.
25.    To assist and contribute to any regulatory body inspection or monitoring visit.  
26.    To act always, to safeguard clients from any form of abuse and to report such concerns immediately.

To Apply:

Ring office 01584 872233
Or email
To request an application form


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